Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Seconds of My Life

This is a second or two from my life for the last few months. I started this project on 01/07/2014 and I stopped it 04/07/2014. I used this phone app called "1 Second a Day" and it was a pretty cool app to use but there were days when I would forget to use it, so that's why you see photos and words like "Forgot" or "Damn." I love using phone apps and I really am pushing for more phone art submissions in the local art community that I am involved with here in Tampa and Brandon. Phone art is definitely something that I feel will be huge in a few years...or at least I hope!

I wish my life was more interesting and some of my content is kind of boring at times. Sorry! LOL!
Looking back at the footage, I did have some really fun times and I'm glad I got to experience them with my friends. I think this app would be great for someone who travels a lot because some of the videos I've seen with this app are way more exciting then mine. Maybe that will change one day...maybe even one day soon!

Stay tuned!

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