Monday, July 20, 2009

Technology Amazes Me

I'm amazed more and more everyday by Facebook and Twitter. People I haven't talked to in a billion years have found me on Facebook. People from my childhood who I thought were bullies have now grown up and turned into really nice people that I'm honored to call friend. I've also made some really cool new friends that invite me to all kinds of events. Thank you Sir Rebel Films and David Burton for the invite to the film screening!

Not all of us may want to re-connect with people from our past or accept the friend request from the creepy guy taking bathroom pictures of himself and using them as his profile picture. But there is always one person you wonder about and if they are on Facebook. "Whatever happen to such and such?" How do you find them? Did their name change? Are they looking for you as well?

That person was your friend at a time in your life when you were just starting to become the person you are today. They liked the same music and films as you. They knew what you were thinking at any given moment and could finish your sentences. You may have even dressed the same and swore you would be best friends forever!

But things change, you move away, get married and start a family. That person who knew you so well is always in the back or your mind. Then they find you on Facebook!

When you accept your old friend as a new friend on Facebook, the technological flood gates open wide! You start chatting, sending photos, videos, etc. You wind up being online for hours. The two of you cover decades in those hours. Isn't technology great?

You also find out that the two of you still have a lot of the interests you had when you were younger and that your friendship has withstood test of technology and time. You're glad you accepted your new friend request from your old friend and not the creepy guy in his bathroom!