Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Shopping Turtle..

Ever since I started taking my summer photography class, I haven’t left home without my camera by my side. If I’m running to Wally World, I have my camera. No, not to take photos for “The People of Wal-Mart” website! I have my camera to hopefully catch those special photographic moments that no one else can see but me.
On my way to work this morning, I was lucky enough to catch one of those moments. As I was cutting through the mall parking lot, I saw this bottle-nosed turtle crawling across the parking lot. It looked as if he was crawling towards Sears to catch the early bird specials at the store. I had to stop and take his picture.
I love how in the first photo, he is looking both ways before crossing into traffic. The second photo shows his slow but determined trek to Sears. In the third photo, I was lucky enough to have him stop and pose for a quick photo before he continued his journey.
Was he on his way to purchase an air conditioner for his shell because it’s been really hot lately? Was he just out for a morning stroll before the mall traffic picked up? Only he knows why he ventured out of the pond by the mall. Whatever the reason, he was just one of the many things I will see on my journey today.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spread Your Wings and Fly To Tallahassee.

Ya know, being a freelance writer has its perks. You get to go to cool events for free. You get good food and all kinds of swag for free, but you also get to meet some of the most interesting people. Everyone you interview has a story to tell; obviously or you wouldn’t bother interviewing them.Sometime, people amaze you! That’s what happened to me when I met Aunt Donna the Butterfly Lady.

I was sent to cover an event for one of the papers where I freelance and that's when I saw Aunt Donna. She was standing by her cage of butterflies. So you say, “Ok, Libby what’s so amazing about that?” She had on these huge butterfly wings and purple butterfly sunglasses. I had to get a picture of her! She obliged me and let me take her picture. She handed me her business card that explained about her butterfly releases and ministry. I was intrigued. I thought this would be another great story for the papers. I thanked her and went about covering the event.

I told the paper about Aunt Donna and emailed them the photo I took of her. They loved it and gave me the go ahead to do a story on her. I contacted Aunt Donna to set up the interview. Can you guess what she wore to the interview? Yep, butterfly wings! I loved it. Here is this 71-years-young woman sitting in Barnes & Noble café, talking to me with butterfly wings on and tiny little butterflies in her hair. I found out she wears butterflies where ever she goes. I also found out the butterflies saved her life and how she wants to tell everyone that God loves them through her butterflies. I feel in love with her spirit and energy right there in the café.

Aunt Donna is on a mission to walk, bounce and Segway all the way to Tallahassee for The American Ideals Foundation. The foundation honors soldiers, fallen or alive, and their families. She is taking her cat, K.C., who will be in his pet taxi with his American flag flying proudly, along with her 84-year-old sister who rides in a scooter. Her sister is a Gold Star Wife and she will be carrying her husband’s metals. He was killed in WWII. This convoy will be hitting the road sometime in May. Can imagine this little group rolling down the interstate on your morning commute? Aunt Donna needs help with her mission. She needs gas and a motor home to haul all their stuff for the trip. She figures it will take her 14 or more days to complete her mission. I told her I would help her in any way I can. Yeah, you know I’m going to write another story about her and the mission!

I have to hand it to her, at 71-years-young, she has more energy and determination than I do at 37. I’ve been bugging everyone I know to help Aunt Donna get the missing pieces for her trip. Through a friend of a friend, I got the name of someone at an RV place to help her get the motor home. I got the news papers, where I freelance, to run her story in both papers. I did this in the hopes someone would see what I see and donate gas cards or supplies to her. I’ve been stalking my pastor at church to let Aunt Donna come and talk about her mission, as well as release her butterflies for the kids at church. I know my church will love her and give her a wonderful love offering. I can just see it now, Aunt Donna on the alter telling us her testimony, with her big glorious wings sticking out from behind her back! Butterflies flying all around the courtyard outside of our church! I even made my pastor a couple dozen blueberry muffins in exchange for letting her come and speak at our church. Ok, I’m sure somewhere in the Bible, bribery is a sin, but hey, it’s for a good cause! Aunt Donna! (Pastor if you read this, I really wanted to give you the muffins, but I figured it couldn’t hurt! Love you!)

Aunt Donna tells me I’m a mess but I’m a blessing in her life. A blessed mess? Is there such a thing? If there is, it’s most definitely me! A blessed hot mess! She asked me why I would want to help an old lady out. I told her, “You had me at the wings!” I fell in love with wings and the ball of fire known as Aunt Donna the Butterfly Lady. If you would like to donate to Aunt Donna’s mission please contact her at 813-659-1194.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Creativity Oozing Monitor

My monitor oozes creativity. It does! They are doing system upgrades at work and we are closed, but I still have to come in and “work.” I really should be using my time wisely by getting a head on my reading for The Female Experience in America, Part II but I’m just not feelin’ modern feminism and American society from 1965-1980. Sorry, Professor Clark! Please forgive me but today is not the day I’m motivated by your many readings. My motivation is coming from another source; my monitor.

I’ve had this feeling in the pit of my stomach for some time now. It’s a good feeling mind you. One that says something great is about to happen. It’s just around the corner, Libby, keep walking kind of feeling. You know what I mean? Yeah ya do! My creative juices have been bubbling lately; not quite flowing. I’ve been catching up on all the blogs I follow since I can’t “work” and the blogs that I follow are just feeding my bubbling pit. You guys are inspiring me to blog, write, take pictures, the list is endless. All of you deserve a great big “Thank You!” I’ve been in a non-creative funk lately. Maybe it’s been the cold weather we’re having in “Sunny Florida” or maybe straight up laziness, but the funk has left the building! As you can see, I’m blogging! It’s a small step but hey, baby steps are steps, right? I told my friend Melissa this the other day and she agreed.

Please keep the creative ooze coming, Flip Flop Foodie, Table Scraps, Style Rookie and The Motley Recipe blog! Shawn Rainey, keep painting and posting your pieces and tell Paula I look forward to the day she blogs because her Facebook posts lift me up every day! Derek Maul, you are my daily devotional, so please don’t stop making me think and see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Mom, keep digging and finding those old family recipes and pictures of the people who gave them to you. Your blog reminds me of where I came from and to never let our family traditions die. Please keep breathing life into our past and me! Tams and Lynn keep exploring and finding new places to try out. You guys give me a reason to leave my house; although you guys make my butt get bigger; but that’s ok because I can go for a walk to shed those extra pounds. It will give me a reason to take more pictures and see the beauty around me.

And finally, a special thanks goes to my boss for making me come into work during the upgrades. Thank you Bill for giving me the monitor that oozes creativity!
If you are in need of some creativity or want to get to know some great people, check out the links below!