Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Font For Me

I kind of feel special having my own font! This was a fun assignment for me because I feel that this font represents me perfectly. I'm a huge supporter of all things local and I call myself a "locavore." Meaning that I always try to shop, eat and support local. I'm also very big on eating healthy and organic. This font has an organic/outdoors feel to it with the flower symbols inside the "B's" and "O's" and the other letters I tried to make look like vines or stems. Can you tell I was raised by hippies? I hope you like it and my creativity.

Who Wants Some Pie?

This is my attempted to make some colorful statics. I am not into math and numbers by any means, so this is probably the least artsy pie chart out there. I did pick somewhat earth-tones because these are some of my favorite colors but I just couldn't find the creative juices to do this assignment. I chose brown for my interview communications class because this class was very boring and a bit difficult at times. I chose white for survey of jazz because it was a very easy class and I really enjoyed it. Blue was for beginning reporting because I thought it would be a breeze, but at times that too was a bit stormy. I ended up doing very well in that class. I chose orange for the research methods in mass communications because that class was on the St. Pete campus and to me, that campus represents the true Florida experience being so close to the water. Yes, numbers are not my thing...that is why I'm a journalist.