Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Photography Really Changes Everything...

 I read two articles in one of my text books called Photography Changes Everything by Marvin Heiferman and I really liked them. The first article was by Amy Henderson and it talked about how photography makes us want to look like celebrities. I totally agree with what she was talking about in her piece. I am obsessed with old Hollywood glam and black and white photos. Movie studios back then made movie icons. They made their stars perfect and flawless even though underneath it all they were really beautiful disasters. Take Veronica Lake (above) for instance. She was the "it girl" of late 1940's. She was the face for the  Woodbury Make-Up. Every woman back then wanted to look like her. They felt that if they were wearing the same make-up Lake was, then they too would be as desirable as she was back then. Lake ended up becoming an alcoholic and destitute. The photo above of me is my attempt at a pretty black and white head shot...I told you I'm obsessed with black and white and yes, taking self-portraits (I refuse to call them "selfies").

The next article I read was by Candice Bergen (black and white to the left) and I loved how she wanted to become a photojournalist but fell into acting. Her passion for photojournalism gave her the confidence she needed to pursue acting. I love being a journalist but I want to improve my photography skills so I can let my photos do all the talking. Writing at times can be very daunting even though it is my passion. Maybe one day you will see some of my photos published in a great photography book...stay tuned!

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