Monday, February 17, 2014

No Comic Talent

I am not a fan of comic strips. I never read the "funnies" in the newspaper nor I could never get into comic books as a kid. I think comic books are for people who are far more smarter than me. I just don't get them. I think you have to be very creative to draw/write a comic too, which I am not. Take a look at my attempt to draw a comic strip! I suck at drawing too, if I didn't mention that already!
What I do like doing is playing with my phone. I love phone apps and I'm a professed phone app junky! My friends refer to me as the "Instagram Whore." Hey I wave my Instagram flag high! I am bound and determined to get a sponsorship from them dammit! Since I was faced with the challenge of trying to create a comic strip for this week's assignment, I took to my phone. I downloaded the free Android app, called "Rage Maker." It lets you design comic strips right on your phone and you are able to share them to social media pages like Facebook. It comes with a quick instructional video too.  It's a really easy app to use and I'm all about creating things with my phone. The app lets you create different characters and you can manipulate to be whatever size or color you want. It only took me a few minutes to get the hang of the app and took away the stress of this assignment. Yeah for smartphone art!

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